Unplug & Reconnect

A photo of a woman smiling while looking at the city
Photo of a woman in the woods with sparklers

“…live in the moment with the ones you love… without distraction.”

Our Story

People are hypnotized by these insanely talented devices as they constantly deliver new, fresh and brilliant applications to our world. We have become so dependent on the production and entertainment values that we have lost perspective of the natural and simplistic values in life. Pictures, posting, games, e-mail, and lifestyle apps control our interactions on a daily basis and hardly leave time to sit back and soak up what is going on around us. Everyone has an excuse to pick the phone up in our fast-paced, technology-driven society.

At some point, we have to realize that life is not an app and plan time for ourselves, relationships, or family without the temptation of looking down at the glorious device right next to us. We are making it our journey to focus more on RAW moments and set weekly challenges so that loved ones feel completely accounted for. Embrace life at certain moments with your whole heart and do not let your phone have your entire soul. We want to share our campaign with all of you and get the word out — put your phone down and pick up your life!